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Current Taxonomic Status of Late Cretaceous Species from the Western Interior Seaway

Jonathan R. Hendricks

Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, New York


The purpose of this page is to provide a listing of currently valid names of Late Cretaceous species from the Western Interior Seaway (WIS), as well as their synonymous equivalents. This listing is being used to standardize taxonomy across the CretaceousWorld TCN project. The corpus of taxonomic names is derived from the primary literature, as well as cataloged specimens in partner CretaceousWorld TCN collections. Taxa are treated at the family level and may be accessed via the links below. At the present time, all lists should be considered works in progress. A single listing of valid names of WIS species will be added at a later time.

Page last updated July 14, 2017

Completed Lists

Phylum Mollusca Linnaeus, 1758

Class Cephalopoda Cuvier, 1797

Order Ammonoidea Zittel, 1884

Suborder Ammonitina Hyatt, 1889

Superfamily Acanthocerataceae Grossouvre, 1894

Family Acanthoceratidae Grossouvre, 1894

Family Collignoniceratidae Wright and Wright, 1951

Family Forbesiceratidae Wright, 1952

Family Vascoceratidae H. Douvillé, 1912

Superfamily Desmocerataceae Zittel, 1895

Family Desmoceratidae Zittel, 1895

Family Muniericeratidae Wright, 1952

Superfamily Haplocerataceae Zittel, 1884

Family Binneyitidae Reeside, 1927

Superfamily Hoplitaceae H. Douvillé, 1890

Family Engonoceratidae Hyatt, 1900

Family Placenticeratidae Hyatt, 1990

Suborder Ancyloceratina Wiedmann, 1966

Superfamily Ancylocerataceae Gill, 1871

Family Ancyloceratidae Gill, 1871

Superfamily Scaphitaceae Gill, 1871

Family Scaphitidae Gill, 1871

Superfamily Turrilitaceae Gill, 1871

Family Anisoceratidae Hyatt, 1900

Family Baculitidae Gill, 1871

Family Diplomoceratidae Spath, 1926

Family Hamitidae Gill, 1871

Family Turrilitidae Gill, 1871

 Suborder Lytoceratina Hyatt, 1889

Superfamily Tetragonitaceae Hyatt, 1900

Family Gaudryceratidae Spath, 1927

Records Incorporated

To date records from the following works have been incorporated:

Kennedy, W. J. and W. A. Cobban. 1990a. Cenomanian ammonite faunas from the Woodbine Formation and lower part of the Eagle Ford Group, Texas. Palaeontology 33(1): 75-154. [Access.]

Kennedy, W. J., N. H. Landman, and W. A. Cobban. 2001. Santonian ammonites from the Blossom Sand in northeast Texas. American Museum Novitates 3332: 9 pp. [Access.]