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Dunveganoceras pondi

Geological Range


Dunveganoceras pondi Zone: Upper Cenomanian 94.71 ± 0.49

Paleogeographic Distribution



Original presentation: Dunveganoceras pondi

Original publication. Haas, O. 1949. Acanthoceratid Ammonoidea from near Greybull, Wyoming. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 93(1) [p. 22-30, pl. 8, figs 1-5, 8, pl. 9, figs 1, 3, 4, pls 10-14, text figs 11-13, 16 17].

Holotype: AMNH 26416.

Type locality: near Greybull, Wyoming (Haas, 1949).

Type horizon: Cody Shale (Haas, 1949).

Zonation: Dunveganoceras pondi zone = Upper Cenomanian (94.71 +/- 0.49 Ma) (Cobban et al., 2006).

PaleoDB taxon number: 318804.

References: Kennedy and Cobban (1990).

Origin of name: “[n]amed in honor of Mr. W. F. Pond” (Haas, 1949, p. 22).

Stratigraphic Occurrences

<i>Dunveganoceras pondi</i> possibly from the Cody Shale of Wyoming (KUMIP 151223).
Dunveganoceras pondi possibly from the Cody Shale of Wyoming (KUMIP 151223).

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