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Tarrantoceras exile

Geological Range


Paleogeographic Distribution



Original presentation: Tarrantoceras exile

Original publication: Kennedy, W. J. and W. A. Cobban. 1990. Cenomanian micromorphic ammonites from the Western Interior of the United States. Palaeontology 33(2): 379-422 [p. 394, pl. 3, figs 22-25].

Holotype: USNM 423698.

Type locality: USGS Mesozoic locality 12650, Weston County, Wyoming (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990).

Type horizon: Belle Fourche Shale, Metoicoceras mosbyense Zone (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990).

PaleoDB taxon number: 333416.

References: Kennedy and Cobban (1990b).

Stratigraphic Occurrences

Belle Fourche Formation (WY)
Belle Fourche Formation (Metoicoceras mosbyense zone) (WY)

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