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Metoicoceras praecox

Geological Range

Cenomanian to Turonian

Paleogeographic Distribution

New Mexico to Wyoming


Original presentation: Metoicoceras whitei praecox

Original publication: Haas. 1949. [p. 15, pls. 5-7, text-figs 5-9].

Holotype: AMNH 26415.

Type locality: “northeast of Greybull, Big Horn County, Wyoming” (Cobban and Kennedy, 1991, p. B2).

Type horizon: Cody Shale (Cobban and Kennedy, 1991).

PaleoDB taxon number: 318406.

References: Cobban and Kennedy (1991).

Stratigraphic Occurrences

Cody Shale (WY)
Belle Fourche Formation (WY)
Cody Shale (WY)
Colorado Formation (NM)
Colorado Formation (Bridge Creek Limestone Member) (NM)
Dakota Sandstone (NM)

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