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Metoicoceras frontierense

Geological Range


Paleogeographic Distribution

New Mexico to Wyoming


Original presentation: Metoicoceras frontierense

Original publication: Cobban. 1988. [p. 13, pl. 3, figs 1-3, pl. 13, figs 1, 2, pl. 14, text-fig. 12].

Types: USGS 376927.

Type locality: Johnson County, Wyoming (USGS locality 22809) (Cobban, 1988).

Type horizon: Frontier Formation (Cobban, 1988).

PaleoDB taxon number: not in database.

References: Cobban (1988).

Stratigraphic Occurrences

Belle Fourche Formation (WY)
Colorado Formation (NM)
Dakota Sandstone (AZ)
Frontier Formation (WY)

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