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Cucullaea recedens

Geological Range


Paleogeographic Distribution

Texas to Kansas.


See: Scott, R. W. 1970. Paleoecology and paleontology of the Lower Cretaceous Kiowa Formation, Kansas. The University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions 52: 1-94.

From Scott's (1970, p. 60) original remarks:

"According to TWENHOFEL (1924) and ADKINS (1928) this species differs from Cucullaea terminalis by its more centrally located beaks. STEPHENSON treated the species as a synonym of C. terminalis and noted its similarity to Idonearca blanpiedi STEPHENSON, which has a longer hinge line and lacks a dorsal sulcus on the posterior slope. PERKINS (1960) treated C. recedens as a valid species. I tentatively accept it as a distinct species until an adequate review of the genus is made."

Stratigraphic Occurrences

Kiowa Formation (KS)
<i>Cucullaea recedens</i> from the Kiowa Formation of Kansas (KUMIP 156784).
Cucullaea recedens from the Kiowa Formation of Kansas (KUMIP 156784).
Stratigraphic position unknown
Stratigraphic position unknown