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Cucullaea herculea

Geological Range


Paleogeographic Distribution



Original publication:

Scott, R. W. 1970. Paleoecology and paleontology of the Lower Cretaceous Kiowa Formation, Kanasas. The University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions 52: 1-94.

Original description from Scott (1970, p. 60-61):

"Shell large, thick, oval to subtrapezohedral, complete outline unknown. Beak and umbo greatly inflated, incurved, moderately arched. Posterior umbonal ridge sharp, sulcus not developed on posteriordorsal slope. Ornamented by thin growth lines. Hinge line short, dentition unknown."

Original discussion from Scott (1970, p. 61):

"TWENHOFEL questionably referred the species to Cucullaea because "the shape is so like that of Cucullaea recedens." Because the specific name had been preoccupied, TWENHOFEL & TESTER (1926) renamed the species. STANTON (1925) suggested that it is related to Crassatella."

Stratigraphic Occurrences

Kiowa Formation (KS)
Syntype of <i>Cucullaea herculea</i> from the Kiowa Fm. of McPherson County, Kansas (KUMIP500057).
Syntype of Cucullaea herculea from the Kiowa Fm. of McPherson County, Kansas (KUMIP500057).

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