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Calycoceras naviculare

Geological Range

Cenomanian to Turonian

Paleogeographic Distribution

Texas to Oregon


Original presentation: Ammonites navicularis

Original publication. Mantell. 1822. [p. 198, pl. 22, fig. 5].

Holotype: see Cobban (1971).

Type locality: England (Cobban, 1971).

Type horizon: upper Chalk (Cobban, 1971).

References: Cobban (1971).

Stratigraphic Occurrences

Greenhorn Limestone (Bridge Creek Member) (CO)
Britton Formation (TX)
Colorado Formation (NM)
Colorado Formation (Bridge Creek Limestone Member) (NM)
Greenhorn Limestone (KS)
Greenhorn Limestone (Bridge Creek Limestone Member) (KS)
Unknown Stage
Hornbrook Formation (OR)
<i>Calycoceras naviculare</i> (FHSM 1591).
Calycoceras naviculare (FHSM 1591).
Stratigraphic position unknown
Stratigraphic position unknown