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Pteranodontidae Marsh, 1876

Common Name: 'Wing without tooth'


Key morphological features: Pteranodons were winged and toothless flying reptiles. A single lengthened finger on each hand supported their large leathery wings. "Their upper bodies were stiffened by rigidly binding the fused dorsal vertebrae, ribs, and sternum together into a solid structure that supported the large muscles needed to power their wings. Some pterosaurs were covered with fur and it is likely that they were "warm-blooded" to some extent. They had three clawed fingers on each hand and four clawed toes on each foot." (Everhart, 2005)

        SIZE: 25cm to 11-12 meters


        MOBILITY: Mobile (fly)

        FEEDING MODE: Predator of fish and crustaceans

        HABITAT: epifaunal


Everhart, M. J., 2005. Oceans of Kansas: A Natural History of the Western Interior Sea. Indiana University Press, Bloomington. 322 pp.

Genera of Pteranodontidae present in the Cretaceous of the Western Interior Seaway