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Nuculidae Gray, 1824

Common Name: Nut clams


Key morphological features: The shell is equivalve, with an oval, wedge, or trigonal shape. The shell is composed of aragonite and exterior sculpture is typically smooth, with occasional striations.

        SIZE: Up to ~50mm

Paleoecology: The Nuculidae are marine and live infaunally, buried in sand or mud. They are capable of burrowing rapidly and plowing through sand or mud by using their planar foot. Nuculids tend to rest just beneath the sediment surface of the substrate, allowing a current to flow through their siphons.

        MOBILITY: Mobile (burrow)

        FEEDING MODE: Deposit Feeder/Suspension Feeder

        HABITAT: Infaunal


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Genera of Nuculidae present in the Cretaceous of the Western Interior Seaway