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Current Taxonomic Status of Late Cretaceous Ammonoid Species from the Western Interior Seaway Assigned to the Family Vascoceratidae (Ammonitina: Acanthocerataceae)

Jonathan R. Hendricks

Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, New York

Note: Names in green are accepted; names in red are synonyms. Return to main list here. This page was last updated September 28, 2017.

Class Cephalopoda

Order Ammonoidea Zittel, 1884

Suborder Ammonitina Hyatt, 1889

Superfamily Acanthocerataceae Grossouvre, 1894

Duration: Lower Albian to Maastrichtian (Source: Wright et al., 1996).

Family Vascoceratidae H. Douvillé, 1912

Duration: Upper Cenomanian to Upper Turonian (Source: Wright et al., 1996).

Genus Fagesia Pervinquière, 1907

Type species: Olcostephanus superstes Kossmat, 1897

Duration: Lower Turonian (Wright et al., 1996).

Fagesia superstes (Kossmat, 1897)

Original presentation: Olcostephanus superstes

Original publication: Kossmat. 1897. [p. 133, pl. 17, figs 1a-c].

Holotype: awaiting determination.

Type locality: awaiting determination.

Type horizon: awaiting determination.

Other specimens: USNM 328750.

WIS occurrences:

Turonian: Mancos Shale (Rio Salado Tongue) (NM) (Cobban and Hook, 1983).

PaleoDB taxon number: 129318.

References: Cobban and Hook (1983).

Genus Neoptychites Kossmat, 1895

Type species: Ammonites telinga Stoliczka, 1865

Duration: Lower Turonian to Upper Turonian (Wright et al., 1996).

Neoptychites cephalotus (Courtiller, 1979)

Original presentation: see Kennedy and Wright (1979).

Original publication: see Kennedy and Wright (1979).

Types: see Kennedy and Wright (1979).

Type locality: see Kennedy and Wright (1979).

Other specimens: see Cobban and Hook (1983).

Type horizon: “St. Cyr-en-Bourg Fossil Bed, which contains a Collignoniceras woollgari woollgari fauna of middle Turonian age” (Cobban and Hook, 1983, p. 14).

WIS occurrences:

Turonian: Mancos Shale (Rio Salado Tongue) (NM) (Cobban and Hook, 1983).

PaleoDB taxon number: 143721.

Synonyms: see Kennedy and Wright (1979).

References: Cobban and Hook (1983).

Genus Nigericeras Schneegans, 1943

Type species: Nigericeras gignouxi Schneegans, 1943

Duration: Upper Cenomanian (Wright et al., 1996).

Nigericeras scotti Cobban, 1972

Original presentation: Nigericeras scotti

Original publication: Cobban, W. A. 1972. New and little-known ammonites from the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian and Turonian) of the Western Interior of the United States. USGS Geological Survey Professional Paper 699, 22 pp. Link.

Holotype: USNM 166396.

Type locality: Baca County, Colorado (Cobban, 1972).

Type horizon: Greenhorn Limestone (Bridge Creek Limestone Member) (Cobban, 1972).

Other specimens: USNM 166397-166416, USNM 166517-166522, USNM 164057.

WIS occurrences:

Cenomanian: Greenhorn Limestone (Bridge Creek Limestone Member) (CO) (Cobban, 1972).

Zonation: Nigericeras scotti zone.

PaleoDB taxon number: 337701.

References: Cobban (1972).

Origin of name: “named for Glenn R. Scott” (Cobban, 1972, p. 20).