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Current Taxonomic Status of Late Cretaceous Ammonoid Species from the Western Interior Seaway Assigned to the Family Forbesiceratidae (Ammonitina: Acanthocerataceae)

Jonathan R. Hendricks

Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, New York

Note: Names in green are accepted; names in red are synonyms. Return to main list here. This page was last updated May 15, 2017.

Class Cephalopoda

Order Ammonoidea Zittel, 1884

Suborder Ammonitina Hyatt, 1889

Superfamily Acanthocerataceae Grossouvre, 1894

Duration: Lower Albian to Maastrichtian (Source: Wright et al., 1996).

Family Forbesiceratidae Wright, 1952

Duration: Upper Albian to Cenomanian (Source: Wright et al., 1996).

Genus Forbesiceras, Kossmat, 1897

Type species: Ammonites largilliertianus d’Orbigny, 1841

Duration: Lower Cenomanian to Upper Cenomanian (Wright et al., 1996).

Forbesiceras brundrettei (Young, 1958)

Original presentation: Neopulchellia brundrettei Young, 1958

Original publication: Young. 1958. [p. 289, pl. 39, figs 1-3, 26-28, 33, 35-38, pl. 40, figs 6, 9, 11, text-figs 1f, i, k, m.

Holotype: TMM 10734.

Type locality: Jeff Davis County, Texas.

Type horizon: “base of Boquillas Formation” (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a, p. 91).

Other specimens: USNM 424120-424122.

WIS occurrences:

Cenomanian: Forbesiceras brundrettei zone (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a).

PaleoDB taxon number: 145619.

References: Kennedy and Cobban (1990a).

Forbesiceras cf. chevillei (Pictet and Renevier, 1866)

Original presentation: Ammonittes chevillei

Original description: Pictet and Renevier. 1866. [p. 102, pl. 4, fig. 2].

Types: awaiting determination.

Type locality: awaiting determination.

Other specimens: USNM 420211.

WIS occurrences:

Cenomanian: Lake Waco Formation (Bluebonnet Member) (TX)

Other occurrences (as F. chevillei): “southern England, Spain, Switzerland, Turkmenian SSR, Nigeria, Madagascar and Zululand” (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a, p. 92).

Zonation: Acanthoceras bellense zone (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a).

PaleoDB taxon number: 130517.

References: Kennedy and Cobban (1990a).

Forbesiceras conlini Stephenson, 1953

Original presentation: Forbesiceras conlini

Original publication: Stephenson. 1953. [p. 205, pl. 56, fig. 1, pl. 57, figs 2-6].

Holotype: USNM 105987.

Type locality: Tarrant County, Texas (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a).

Type horizon: Tarrant Formation (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a).

WIS occurrences:

Cenomanian: Tarrant Formation (TX) (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a).

Zonation: Conlinoceras tarrantense zone (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a).

PaleoDB taxon number: not in database.

Reference: Kennedy and Cobban (1990a).