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Current Taxonomic Status of Late Cretaceous Ammonoid Species from the Western Interior Seaway Assigned to the Family Engonoceratidae (Ammonitina: Hoplitaceae)

Jonathan R. Hendricks

Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, New York

Note: Names in green are accepted; names in red are synonyms. Return to main list here. This page was last updated May 17, 2017.

Class Cephalopoda

Order Ammonoidea Zittel, 1884

Suborder Ammonitina Hyatt, 1889

Duration: Aalenian to Lower Santonian (Source: Wright et al., 1996).

Superfamily Hoplitaceae H. Douvillé, 1890

Duration: Upper Aptian to Upper Maastrichtian (Source: Wright et al., 1996).

Family Engonoceratidae Hyatt, 1900

Duration: Middle Albian to Cenomanian (Source: Wright et al., 1996).

Genus Metengonoceras Hyatt, 1903

Type species: Metengonoceras acutum Hyatt, 1903

Duration: ?Middle Albian to Upper Cenomanian  (Source: Wright et al., 1996).

Synonyms: Epengonoceras Spath, 1924 (source: Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a).

Metengonoceras acutum Hyatt, 1903

Metengonoceras dumbli (Cragin, 1893)

Original presentation: Sphenodiscus dumbli Cragin, 1893

Original publication: Cragin. 1893. [p. 243, pl. 44, fig. 6].

WIS occurrences:

Cenomanian: Woodbine Formation (Templeton Member) (Plesiacanthoceras wyomingense zone) (TX) (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a).

Cenomanian: Tarrant Formation (Conlinoceras tarrantense zone) (TX) (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a)

Cenomanian: Acanthoceras amphibolum zone (CO) (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a)

Other occurrences: Nigeria, “Sciponoceras gracile zone correlative in Sarthe and Loire-Atlantique, France” (Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a, p. 91)

PaleoDB taxon number: 144336.

Synonyms: Sphenodiscus dumbli Cragin, 1893 (source: Kennedy and Cobban, 1990a).